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---- Jim Castor
Holy cow Bob   they are the nicest cues I have ever seen.   Jim,  Thanks

Hey Bob, 
I took the cue out for a spin last night. Nice hit...very solid! It also rolls as flat as any cue I've ever seen.
I plan on changing the tip, as I usually use a Moori slow, but I can tell right away when I like the hit of a cue.  
Great feedback in the hands and the balance was very nice.

Very beautiful wrapless cue with incredible butterfly splice on the handle.
I received the cue (30-08) today.  It is beautiful!  I can't wait to play it.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Just wanted to touch base on our last cue #18-08. I have played with it for awhile and it hits very nicely! Very reminiscent of a Zylr or an old Heubler. I also love the way the cue looks! The burl and the black palm made a nice combo. I've got a lot of favorable comments and feedback on the combination.
I like the double black ferrule and the cue has a nice resonance.

I can't thank you enough for the work you did on the cue, as it is beyond all my expectations. the feel of the cue is wonderful, and i feel much more comfortable shooting with it.

I love the cue. It feels great, I love the stiffness of the oak shaft, and it deflects smartly - making aiming with english easy. The only other custom cue that I have shot with is a friend's bob frey sneaky pete. that cue is great and all, but I enjoy the hit of the cue that you made me more.

Sorry for the late reply since i am really quite busy this past few week, i already got the cue weeks ago and i really liked the way it looks, simple but really beautiful.  I just tried it once and it feels a bit heavy for me but it is a good shooter, and a solid one, can't wait to shoot more with it when time permits.  Thanks a lot for a wonderful cue, it's all worth the wait.  It was really very nice doing business with you sir, and i look forward in doing it again with you in the future. Thanks, Yuri

I got to give credit to you that the cue looks much better in person than in
> the pictures. The swirls are out of this world.  Lots of action with little effort.>

I received the cue yesterday. The cue is gorgeous, the wood contrast is outstanding as well as the workmanship. I'm impressed by the feel of the shafts. 

This auction is for an awesome afzelia burl and black palm cue by Bob Flynn of Denali Cues. The cue is in very good shape. It has been used, and there are the normal player marks, but nothing noteworthy. The cue weighs almost 21 oz., and is well balanced. The black palm doesn't show up well in the pictures, but is really nice in person. It is basically a palm type grain that has filled in with a black color that I understand is from sand. The rings are genuine black water buffalo horn, as is the buttcap and joint. The ferrule is a black synthetic ferrule that is very reminiscent of the old school Brunswicks, etc. The shaft has an ebony insert and is full sized (13mm+). The afzelia burl is highly figured and is stunning. The pin is a 3/8-11 and has an abalone dot on the tip. The cue rolls straight and the hit is very solid. This is a classy cue that somebody will be proud to own.

How are you doing? Just wanted to comment and thank you for the cue you made for me. After spending a little time with it, I can tell you that I’m really pleased.  This cue is VERY handsome and it’s a serious pool playing tool. Regarding the shafts, the maple shaft it’s well made, solid and predictable; the purple heart shaft, well that is to me marvelous. The PH shaft especially on regulation size tables makes everything so effortless, I don’t know if it’s the power it provides the CB or the way it changes the balance of the cue, but I love it. The oak shaft looks GREAT (especially on this cue) but haven’t mastered it yet.

Bob, , like I said this is a beautiful pool playing tool. I was a diehard fan of Bocote (btw: we call Bocote, Anacahuita), but the look and feel of Ziricote on this cue may change my opinion a little, then again the Koa, the maker and his professionalism probably has some to do with the whole experience. I’d do business with you again and recommend you to anyone looking for handsome and incredibly well made cue.

I just spent an hour of nothing but breaking 8 and 9 ball racks (That will tire you out real quick!) This cue hits like a ton! As you said, everyone knows it in the room when you break, which is what I like ...Thank you for a beautiful and powerfull cue! The abalone inlay in the joint pin is a nice touch btw...Glad I got it before I go to Vegas, the one I was using before could not do what this cue does.
Best Regards,
-Aaron Silva 

You really did an excellent job on the cue and shafts.
The dragon skin at the handle area looks amazing.  You really did an excellent finish job on the cue as

Great Transaction, Great Cue, Great person to do business with.

Thank you, it was a pleasure and a good learning experience working with you on my cue project. You delivered a beautiful cue at a very reasonable cost.

AZ Cuebuilder Shoot-out.  Denali Cues is cue #3
"Here is what Melissa Little had to say about the cues.
  Cue #3   (Denali Cues)
This cue was the best all around

  I took the cue to my local pool room last night and played for about 2 hours. I really wanted to see how it worked and see what I thought about it.
After giving it a good 20 Breaks or so, In my honest opinion I can say that your cue is the Best Break cue I have ever tried or used as my own.
After getting used to the feel and proper cue ball placement, I was making 3-4 balls almost ever rack. The Trangle tip as we had discussed seems perfect as the cue ball stays in control.
I thought I would be happy with the cue but to be honest the cue really surpassed what I had expected....You make a Great cue.
What I do want is another shaft for my current Denali cue and to know how long I will have to wait for my next custom to be made.
Denali Cue . Was delivered a little late but was worth the wait. Cue exceeded expectations and am very pleased with the purchase.

  Just wanted to follow up with you now that I have had the chance to use your cue for a couple of months. It's great, It Breaks better than any cue I have ever used.
I am the envy of my pool team with all the guys just loving it and shocked at how powerful and comfortable it is. I want to order another one soon as I sell a few things I need to get rid of to get some cash together.

Bob...I got the cue yesterday afternoon...and played with it last night...I was very pleased with what you've done with the I really enjoyed playing with it as if it had been with me for so long...the cue plays very well and solid...which doesn't take a lot of getting used simply matcches my playing style...thank you very much again for all your efforts for this one...I'll leave you a positive iTrader at AZB just to take note of this wonderful deal I had with you...

Bob youve done a beautifull job, thats exactly what i was looking for. Thank You   Dylan

#3- This Birdseye wood is over the top,(staining and sanding) brought out all the eyes. Abalone tip on the G-10. I think the handle is stained rosewood and is beautiful. Long butt cap and joint-reminds me of SW.

Great Dealing with Bob, Awesome Cue & Awesome Price. Real Class Act.    Paul
----Post by Leonard Ogle.  Hi Bob, Cue #2 surpassed all expectations!!  Can't think of anything more to say except thanx..
Everybody who see's it wants to feel it...I"ve sold 4 of my cues since I got Cue #1, so let's plan another one, Cue #4.

Posted by Lucian Mindish
Well i just got my brand new custom break cue from Bob Flynn at Denali cues.Four point Ebony Gaboon into a Purpleheart forearm, G-10 3/8x10 pin, AAA maple shaft with a G-10 ferule and a White Diamond tip. When i pulled it out of the packaging and wrapping i was instantly pleased. The cue is sleek and classy. Extremely clean points and lines throughout the cue. The finish is perfect. So i finally get a chance to smash some racks with it at my buddies house. I screw the cue together to a nice snug fit. The cue just has a great feel in your hands. I hit the first rack and instantly can feel power and solid hit of the cue. To break with this cue is truly effortless. I have hit with almost every break cue on the market and this cue tops them all hands down. Bob is a great guy to deal with and will accommodate any wants and needs with your cue. He had the cue done before the initial time given. And his pricing is great...better than most top break cues on the market. Id like to thank Bob for making such a great cue. And i strongly urge you to talk to him about a cue!

Post from Roberto1:
I have one (1) Denali cue with his "dragon skin" wrap (in three sections) and three (3) shafts. Two (2) purple heart shafts and one (1) flat laminate shaft. Joint, Ferrules and butt cap are Elk antler.
I shoot with one of the purple heart shafts all the time. The dragon skin is like a wrap less cue - since it is completely clear coated over the top. Cue is completely cored with PH.
I have had no problems with the cue and have received a number of compliments.
I would not hesitate to buy another Denali cue.

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