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On the following pages of this section you will find recently-completed cues for sale, along with their prices. Simply click the cue number on the left side of the page to view cues.

We can ship anywhere in the continental USA via UPS, FEDEX or US Mail for $25.00. If the cue is to be shipped out of the continental USA, please call or e-mail us for freight charges. All payments must be by check, money order, CASH or PAYPAL before a cue is shipped. On custom cues a deposit is necessary before any work is started.

If the cue has not yet had the finish applied, for $25, a name can be added to the ivorine "Hoppe ring". If the finish has been applied, the charge is $50. See the cue in the banner for an example.

A word about wraps: Usually I build wrapless cues--and for a very good reason. In MY opinion, "feed back" is greatly enhanced with a hand-to-wood contact and is diminished with a linen or leather/skin wrap.

Any of our 4 types of shaft wood can be had at no additional cost. Extra shafts cost between $100 and $150 depending on the ferrule and tip. All of our shafts have a pro-taper, although a straight (European taper)can be special ordered at no additional charge.

Ferrule choices are: Titan, LBM, Aeges II, Ivorine 3, Ivorine 4, elk antler (dropped)*, moose antler (dropped)*, Axis antler
(about the same as stag horn),   G-9, G-10  and Mason Micarta.

Current tips are: Wizard, Triangle, Hercules, Everest, Elk Master, Green Emerald, Le Pro, Sniper*, Moori*, Talisman* and White Diamond, SAMSARA OR Sniper J/B for break cues.

All of our joint pins are 3/8-10 and are available in aluminum, brass, stainless and G10. Our joints are wood-to-wood flat faced.

Your choice on joint collars can be Phenolic, Juma, stainless, brass, elk*, moose*, water buffalo*, G9 and various woods such as Katalox, Ebony, etc.

We stock over 70 species of butt wood that has been aged for at least 5 years in our humidity controlled shop. We also have full splice butts with 4 or 8 points--with or without veneers.

Typically, our cues weigh in the 19 ounce range, which allows us to build a cue without a lot of additional artificial weight in the butt. Our balance point is about 18.5" from the butt, depending on the weight of the materials. We will strive to build a cue to your weight and balance preferences. However, we will not compromise our dedication to construction techniques that we have developed in order to build that "special" cue, i.e., a cue you will be proud to play with and to hand down to the next generation of pool players.

*Available at an additional charge. Please contact us for pricing.

Denali Pool Cues
953 N Greer Ave.
Covina, CA 91724
Phone and Text:  1-626-705-0340
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